The Best Filters And Purifications For Camping

How To purify Or Filter Water For Camping

You do have several options when it comes to having the cleanest water possible during your camping trip. Which method will work best for you all depends on where you are going to be camping and how long you will be there. You will learn the difference between the available options and how they work, plus which ones may be best for you.

Obviously, if you are planning to stay at a nice campground that has a running water supply, you won’t have to worry about it much. Camping in a wilderness area where there is no clean water supply is an entirely different matter.

Water By The Jug

If you are going to be on a short camping trip for just a couple of days, you can always take several gallons of water with you from home or buy them at a store. Of course, if you are planning on walking from your vehicle any significant distance to get to your camp site, then lugging along several gallons of water is not something you will want to do unless you have people along to help you. This is not a good option for emergencies no matter what someone tells you, but for camping close to your car, truck or S.U.V. they are the best option.

Water Purification Tablets

Using tablets to purify your water means you don’t have to worry about any weight to carry. You can take along enough tablets to do you for weeks if that’s how long you’ll be camping. Water purifying tablets are designed for killing micro-organisms in water that can make you sick. They can prevent cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and other water borne diseases. Depending on which brand or type of tablets you get, you can get river, lake, or stream water safe and ready to drink within 10 to 30 minutes. this does not mean it is clean because sediment and other debris is not removed. So it will probably still taste like crap.

Various brands include Aquatabs, Quake Kare, Potable Aqua and more. Anytime you purchase and plan to use water purification tablets, read the instructions very carefully and make sure you are well aware of what the kind of contaminates the tablets will eliminate in what types of water.

Family Sized Gravity Water Filter

Gravity Filters such as the Big Berkey Black can hold a little over 2 gallons of water and can process up to 3000 gallons at about 3 ½ gallons per hour. This particular brand is less than 2 ft tall. A gravity water filter such as this one is ideal for an average sized family to take camping because it requires no electricity to work. A gravity water filter of this quality can remove almost anything imaginable from dirty water that you might have to use from a lake, river, or stream. The Berkey brand is used in emergency situations all over the world where the water supply has been contaminated because of natural or man made disasters. These are great to setup in your screen tent so that you can give access to everyone and have it fairly close to the camp stove or fire.

The nice thing about the Berkey Filters is that they come in a variety of sizes so you can chose the one that is exactly right for your family size and your camping needs. Some even come with two or more Sport Berkey Purification Bottles which are ideal for individual use.

Sport Bottle Water Filters

These types of water filters are ideal for individuals to take along with you camping and hiking. You can fill them up to use as you need it. Be sure to investigate exactly what types of things a sports bottle with filter removes because some only remove sediments like grit, sand, or dirt and not bacteria and other things that might make you sick from drinking contaminated water. Even water from a clear running stream can be contaminated and this is why you absolutely must have a water filter or purification tablets that will make it completely safe to drink.

Two Purification Methods Are Better Than One!

Never risk letting your family or yourself get sick from drinking contaminated water when there is absolutely no reason to allow it to happen. If you go into a wilderness setting and must rely on the available water for consumption and cooking, you should have two purifying methods with you. In other words, if you only take tablets and they were to get wet or lost, you would have no way to have clean water and your trip would be interrupted. You can take a gravity water filter and take tablets as a back up or take a few jugs of water.