What Size Camping Tent Do I Need?

Don’t worry, we have answers. Before you finish, you will have everything you need to make the right decision based on your needs. It’s not that complicated once we show you some key points in making the right decision for your situation, making you the proverbial “Happy Camper”.

You can have a family of six or more and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you need a very large tent if you are going to camp in reasonable comfort. However, when it comes to comfort, you could be just a couple and still want a big tent. Another thing to factor in is how long you will be  camping and how much stuff you will be bringing with you!

Sleeping cots or air mattresses will take up more space than just a sleeping bag on the ground, so make sure you have room enough to walk around unless you want to take them down out of your way during the day.

There are some really nice and roomy tents available these days that can accommodate up to eight people easily. Tents with separate zip close compartments are a great idea for a family that just wants one large tent instead of putting up several smaller ones. You can see a variety of tents here to see some of your options.

These separate compartment tents are also very nice to have the main section as the sitting or sleeping quarters and the other sides can be used for storing your gear without it always being tripped over. Separate compartment in a tent is good for a pet to sleep in as well.

It is always nice to have plenty of room for you and all of your stuff when you camp because you have things that you bring with you that needs to be protected in case it rains.

If you want to and you can, you might consider a smaller tent for sleeping in and bring along a nice screen tent to store the rest of your things in like food items, folding table and chairs, swimming floats and all of that kind of stuff.

Screen tents are fantastic for family camping because your main necessities like food and water will be in the screen tent where wet and soggy kids that have been swimming could be running in and out. Better they run in and out of a screen tent than the sleeping tent getting everything in there wet and nasty!

If possible, know how big the spot where you are going to camp will be. You might have several spots where you can place small tents, but not enough room to set up a huge tent with compartments.

You should also consider if you are hiking and plan to make different camp spots as you go. It is not very likely that you will do this with small children, so a big tent should not have to be a necessity, making a hiking tent the perfect choice for you in this situation.

When you are hiking or mountain climbing, you want all of your gear to be as lightweight as possible.