What Camp Stove Do You Use

For many years there has been one leading brand of camping stove that people have truly relied on and with very good reason. The stove is just as important as the food you take camping.

It would seem that the Coleman camping stoves stand up so well that it is not unheard of for them to be passed down from one generation to the next! Coleman has been a leading name in all kinds of camping supplies from stoves, to tents, to lanterns, sleeping bags and more for decades.

Camp stoves have came along way since the two burners, but you can get still get those very easily and from several different company brand names. The great thing is if you have a larger party going camping, you can get 3 and 4 burner camps stoves too. Like tents, the size and design counts, you can learn how to pick tents here, but I digress.

You can get one that has a couple of burners and a small oven! You can get one with two burners and a grill in the middle. These little stoves are so fantastic it can almost be like you are cooking in your own kitchen!

You might think that taking along a camp stove would be a pain, but actually, if you are not sure how to build a fire safely or do not feel like starting up a charcoal grill and want to cook, they are an excellent idea to have along.

Hikers are not forgotten in the camping stove department either. There are small one burner units that are easily stashed in a back pack that use even smaller canisters of fuel.

Although our family has trusted our old Coleman two burner camp stove for years now, it can’t hurt to check out some of the other modern choices available especially if you aren’t into roughing that much!

Camping out doesn’t mean you can’t have a few luxuries along with you and a camp cooking stove is definitely one of the best luxuries to bring with you.