Fun Camping Ideas

There are several different ways that people can choose to go camping. For some, it is much more convenient and relaxing to use a camping trailer or RV. Others like to use tents, but set them up in a nice camp ground that is already geared towards family fun. Many campers are not happy unless they go into the wild as far as they can and get away from everything and everyone. It just depends on which type of camping you and your family prefer.

Camp Trailers and RVs

When using a camping trailer or RV , this means you will have a vehicle at your disposal. You can enjoy the camp site you have picked if they have things to do. They might have a lake where you can fish and swim. They may have a swimming pool, which is always a nice camp ground feature if you have kids or not. In a camper or RV, it’s not always necessary to cook outdoors on a grill or campfire, but it can be fun to do anyway to add a touch more rustic adventure. You can also drive to other attractions that could be nearby if you are camping somewhere like a state park or a very big tourist town like Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Camp Grounds

If you want to already have things to do ready for you, then you should choose a camp ground that caters to its campers. Like was said. Nice camp grounds that still allow you to pitch your tents could have bathroom facilities, a swimming pool or other water feature. There could be hiking trails already well established that are safer for kids.

Having a barbecue grill already set up at your camp spot is also nice. It means you won’t have to bring your own. A fire pit that is already there is great for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows. You can sit around telling ghost stories or whatever. Some campgrounds may have activities set up already like ball games or other sports you can participate in. They might provide live entertainment like a band with dancing. The trick to finding a great camp ground where there are already lots of fun things going on can easily be found on line. That way, you know what you are getting before you go there.

Rustic Camping

Now here is where you are going to have to use your imagination a little more. When you are camped in a remote area where there might not be many or any other people around, you have to make your own entertainment. Couples camping together usually can find something to do! However, if you have kids along, you better plan some fun stuff before you ever leave the house or you could be headed for some bored, complaining children.

Take along a pair or two of binoculars and do some bird and animal watching. Take a plant book and see how many edible or medicinal plants you can find in the forest(Do not eat them unless you are an expert). You can make it an educational experience that is also fun. Take a rubber raft or canoe if there is a water source nearby. Take along a couple of board games in case it rains and you are stuck inside your tent for a while. Go hiking and climbing. Most kids love to climb if you can do it safely.

Bring some interesting books to read around the campfire, especially ones that appeal to kids. Think of other silly games to play like Simon Says or other old favorites.

Eating is usually one of the most fun things to do when camping, so make meal preparation something everyone can get involved in. Teach your kids how to build a camp fire correctly and safely. Let them help put up the tents and take them down. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most fun for kids, like gathering wood for the fire or the rocks to put a ring around it.