What Are Some Easy Tips When Camping With A Baby

Some people are just naturally more adventurous than others. Take people that take their baby camping for a good example! Not everyone would be brave enough to do that. A baby can be challenging to care for even when you are in the comfort of your own home, much less when you are outdoors camping in a tent.

A smart camper that has a baby to take along is going to pick a camp site that will be as baby friendly as possible. While camping in the wilderness is fun for many families, when you have a small baby or toddling child, it is much more advisable to choose a camp ground that has the facilities that can make your camping experience more enjoyable like bathrooms and showers.

What you need to bring for your baby can totally depend on its age. If your baby is breast feeding, then obviously food will not be a problem. If they are using a bottle and formula, then you have to make provisions for that of course. Easy to eat snack foods are going to be essential for babies eating solid foods.

Disposable Diaper Disasters

Be sure to bring a plastic garbage bags for disposable diapers. Disposable baby diapers are one thing that survives the longest in landfills, so you want to dispose of them properly. If you use a camp ground with cans, then that won’t be a problem.

Sleep & Play Time

Portable cribs are an excellent choice to bring along so your baby has a place to sleep. If your baby is already crawling around or a toddler, you are going to have your hands full! A play pen can be a life saver so you are not chasing the child around all over the camp site. If you are in a campground that has paved surfaces, bringing a stroller along can be a great idea too.

Another handy baby controller would be a baby swing or a jumping Johnny. If you don’t know what that is, it is a baby seat that you would normally hang from the top of a door frame in your home, but if you can attach one to a sturdy tree branch, it could be a great and easy way to keep your baby confined and entertained.

If you plan on swimming or boating with your baby on board while you camp, you MUST have a life jacket that fits your baby perfectly. Little arm floaters and swim rings are great for fun in keeping your baby entertained, but you can not depend on them as real flotation, life saving devices!


Another thing that must be dealt with caution is the camp fire. If you have a camp fire, your baby will have to be constantly supervised if it is up and running around. Even 3 or 4 year olds can’t be trusted around a fire.

Bug bites can be hard for babies, so they need to be protected in some way. Long sleeved shirts and pants can be helpful if it’s not too hot, especially at night. Using a bug spray or lotion repellent will be up to you. Using a natural insect repellent on your baby is probably a much better choice than using harsh and poisonous repellents.

When you have a baby along on a camping trip, this is just one more good reason to have a screen tent. Screen tents can be n excellent way to help keep a baby confined in an area that has been baby proofed. Screen tents can also help keep the bugs and mosquitoes  away.

No one said it would be easy to bring the baby camping, but if you have the patience and the space to bring the things you will need, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Some parents can have more fun when their baby is with them instead of leaving it with a sitter or family member for several days.