Tent Camping Returns As A Cheap Vacation

With the world’s economy in the terrible shape that it is, many working people (or people who aren’t working for that matter) are forgoing the traditional summer holiday in order to save money for other, much more urgent needs such as housing and food.  Entertainment and travel is taking a back seat for the foreseeable future.  Taking a trip in such difficult times is a luxury that unfortunately, few can afford.

However, all financial, psychological and medical experts agree that in order to stay psychologically, physically and financially healthy, everybody not only deserves a holiday, everybody needs one.  So, other than piling on debt or drowning in credit card payments, how does one attempt to change one’s scenery for a few days?

An old-time style of traveling which was disappearing from popular culture during the financial good times before the banking collapses a few years ago is making a come-back:  tent camping.  While 5-star hotels and flight and accommodation deals were the thing to do a decade ago, many are now realizing that an inexpensive camping holiday just a few miles outside of the city can do as much good and be as much fun as the more costly exotic vacations.

First of all, a tenting holiday is affordable.  You can buy a family camping tent or a smaller hiking tent if you are a couple fairly cheap, pick up a decent camping stove and go to a campground, pitch a tent, and have access to  clean showers and restrooms all while enjoying all the magnificence nature has to offer at a fraction of the price of a hotel.  With modern tents and camping gear, a tenting holiday can feel just as luxurious and restful as time spent in a spa.  Just because one is camping no longer means one is “roughing it” out in the wilds.

Furthermore, one need not to travel far to reach a beautiful campground or area where one can put up a tent.  Some people even chose to camp in their local area simply because it has its own beauty and the difference from the home environment to nature is enough; there is no need to travel to a foreign country for the medically, psychologically, and financially recommended change of scenery.

Finally, camping is making a comeback because along with being affordable and comfortable, many people, fed up of society’s dependence on manufactured entertainment, find it is exhilarating to be in a natural environment and enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors.

The simplicity and affordability of camping with a tent means that everyone, not only the rich, has the chance to have an unforgettable, fascinating vacation that won’t break the bank.  If one gives camping a try, they will never regret it.