Family Screen Tents Are Perfect for BBQ’s

Barbeques are usually fun times for both family and close friends. Those who are close in proximity and sometimes miles away can recognize the aroma of the barbeque when it is being smoked. When getting ready for a barbeque, most people set up a screen tent or screen tents so they can place food on tables for people to serve themselves. Therefore, during the daylight hours, most people gather around a screen tent in the backyard where the food is being served and sometimes use them as an outdoors dining room.

Based on the size of the screen tent, all of the family can prepare their plate and sit inside while they eat and mingle. Sometimes screen tents are smaller, which means the guest will make a plate then mingle on the outside. At night some people may remain in the tent because of mosquitoes that bite. In either case, screen tents are great for making these types of outside events fun.

Many times these family gatherings and leisurely events can start early in the afternoon and they can last to very late hours during the night. The time the family spends or do not spend will depend on the type of entertainment involved. Some of the entertainments included at these events are often varied because they can be age specific. For instance, from small children to older adults, there should be some type of activity that will suit the interest of all.

Some families start by playing music in the background, which sets a specific type of atmosphere. Very calm music to loud music that drowns out voices, this is all based on the family’s or host’s preference. After everyone gets their first plate, they can participate in different types of activities. These activities may include volleyball, baseball swimming and tennis. For those older family members, they may want to play cards inside the screen tent as a large part of their enjoyment. A screen tent is a must because of the sheer number of uses and they are relatively cheap, but do not confuse them with a family tent with screen porch. These are made for camping and are an addition to a family tent.