Screen Tents: Safety From Insects While Camping

Nothing is more pleasant than camping with your friends or family. However, insects such as mosquitoes or deer flies can be quite bothersome during the night, especially when they gather around a source of light. An efficient screen tent can keep insects away, and this is what makes it ideal if you want to gather around the table with the loved ones and play a game or enjoy a nice dinner.

Insects are not only very annoying, but very dangerous as well since they can transmit a variety of potentially life-threatening diseases. Besides, it is upsetting to constantly splash mosquitoes when they try to bite you or when they gather around food and drinks! A screen tent is large enough to host a medium-sized table and several chairs, therefore you can easily go inside it whenever insects appear. This way, you do not have to use any creams and lotions that can cause allergy.

Regarding the numerous benefits of screen tents, besides the fact that they are very useful and fairly low in price but that does not mean it is a cheap screen tent because they are low priced compared to other options, they are very practical as well. Screen tents are very easy to fold and carry around with you. In addition, they are very lightweight as well. This is why the screen tent should never be omitted from your camping gear whenever you go camping!

However, these tents are not made for sleeping but are used for that a lot by many campers, they are especially designed for picnic tables. Usually, they have reasonable dimensions which allow you to put a medium-sized picnic table and several chairs inside. These tents provide relief from both insects and sun and they are ideal for your backyard as well. Installing a screen tent in your garden during summer is a great idea, since this way you can enjoy your evenings outside without having to worry that you will get mosquito bites. Having said that, don’t let the bugs bite you!