Screen Tents For Day Events At Festivals

If you frequently set up a booth at festivals, a screen tent may be a handy item to take with you. Screen tents can be used for many purposes so they are not only an item that you take with you on a camping trip they are used for other things as well.

We used to set them up at Jazz and other music based festivals to beat the heat and sit back and enjoy the fun in the shade, while still getting the breeze. We even used them to camp in at the festivals for days on end. They were perfect for this type of use. But they had other uses at these festivals by the vendors. They used them for almost everything, and we will cover a few of these uses.

When you are at a festival selling your products, you need to keep your items covered so that they are not rained on or so that the wind does not blow your items off your tables. A screen tent also keeps your customers more comfortable being in the shade so that they are more likely to come inside your tent and purchase your products. If you frequent festivals a lot to sell your products a screen tent is a great investment.

For day events at a festival, screen tents work out very well. TheĀ best rated screen tents come in many sizes so you can place items of various sizes in a screen tent. You can grill food in these tents if you are planning on selling food and the smoke will blow out the screen. Your customers can see through the screen to see what you have for sale.

Customers do not have to worry about bugs bothering them when they are in your tent. This can be a big bonus especially if you are selling food and people are eating in the tent. Biting bugs such as mosquitoes and flies can be kept out with a screen tent. Screen tents can be purchased online for the largest selection of styles and sizes and at any sporting goods store, department store, camping supply store and other places. They are available in all prices so you will be able to find one to fit within your budget and one that will serve your purpose.