Screen Tents: Emergency Shelters After Disasters

Quickly, off the top of your head, what’s the number one annoyance you have to deal with whenever you go camping? Well, unless you prefer to do all your camping during winter, chances are that you’ve said mosquitoes… especially when they make their way into your comfy tent and start to wreak havoc on everyone. Fortunately, our most dedicated scientists have come up with a way of stopping insects from invading tents: screens.

Indeed, if you look around your local camping store, you will notice that many of the products are screen tents, because they have so many uses. What precisely makes them so special in comparison to all the other choices? Well, as was mentioned above, they come with a special screen which was made to fend off any insects that think they can invade your privacy. However, screen tents are actually much more useful than that, especially when it comes to some kind of catastrophe.

Screen Tents Are Cheap And Effective Emergency Shelters After Disasters

Of course, the chances of some kind of natural disaster occurring specifically in the place and the time you have selected for your camping trip are quite minimal, but nevertheless it is important to remain prepared for the worst. In case some kind of natural disaster strikes you may end up needing some kind of temporary shelter right after it. Screen tents make for perfect emergency shelters after disasters for a number of reasons. They were popular during the late summer of 2005 after Hurricane Katrina ripped through south Louisiana and Mississippi because it was much cooler to sleep outside in a screen then than in a home with no air conditioning.

First off, because they protect those inside from the wind, dust, as well as pretty much anything tiny, they represent a perfect place to treat those who are wounded as the risk of infection will be minimal. It can be said that it is like a protective cocoon for those who are inside. In addition, it should also be noted that screen tents are generally quite easy to set up, which is actually a very important factor if you are looking to put an emergency shelter together as fast as possible. There are many options when looking for a screen tent, so choose wisely.