Screen Tents Are The Best Insect Proof Playpens for Babies Camping

If you love to go camping with your family, screen tents have a plethora of uses and are your best friend if you have young children. These tents offer many advantages over other types of tents as well as combined with the family sleeping tent. There are many uses for screen tents but we will concentrate on using them as insect proof playpens for camping.

When you go camping with young children you need to protect them from insects while they are playing. You can take an extra screen tent along on your camping trip and set it up as a play area for young children. This will give them a place to play and enjoy the camping trip and yet keep their delicate skin protected from insect bites.

By using screen tents as insect proof playpens for camping you are giving your children an area to play that is free of insects. Even though no insects can enter one of these tents your children can still enjoy a constant flow of air, an unobstructed view of their surroundings, and you will be able to see them. This allows the entire family to enjoy the camping trip. The kids have a safe comfortable place to play while the adults can go about their business while still watching the youngsters play.

Along with making an awesome insect proof playpen for camping, a screen tent also makes a perfect place to lay a child when nap time rolls around. Kids can also use a screen tent as a place to sit and eat meals without being bothered by flies and other insects. As you can see, screen tents are perfect for camping. They come in many different types, sizes, styles, shapes, and price ranges. It will be easy for you to find one or more of these great tents to fit all of your camping needs. You can purchase a screen tent that has solid roll down walls to make them even more useful and versatile.