Screen Tents As Semi Secure Food Storage

If you are planning to take your family for a camping vacation, you should avoid making the mistake majority of people make especially when the vacation is long, like a 7 day stay at Yellowstone National Park hiking the different attractions. People tend to concentrate much on the fun and activities they would undertake and forget about the basic needs. The common mistakes include carrying inadequate food supplies or failing to preserve food. You should note that if you fail to keep your food secure, you keep it open to scavengers and other animals and parasites. The outcome of this action is reduced food and in some occasions, contamination. It is not a nice thing to cut your vacation short due to inadequate food supply and thus, as you consider screen tents also consider semi secure food storage packs.

Although the screen tent has many uses, keeping flies and insects away from your food storage is just about the most important thing you can do and a screen tent does this amazingly well considering that camping brings you right into insects domain and backyard. No matter what else you do, keeping insects away from your food is very important. Just make sure you get the right screen tent for what you intend to use it for. A small tent can be used to store small amounts of food, but a family will need a much larger one because it is not the only use of the screen tent, so it will be sharing space with more than just food.

Therefore, you cannot afford to lose any amount of food. However, you can ensure adequate supply of food by giving food storage the same consideration you give to screen tents. This is by freezing your food prior to the vacation especially the food you would consume in the first few days. You can also ensure proper food storage by investing in a quality and convenient freezer that is easy to carry around. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that you have semi secure food storage place in your tent.