Monster Sized Family Tents

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Why A Monster Sized Tent May Be the Solution You Are Looking For

We are going to show you why a monster tent may be the prefect answer for your lifestyle. They are expansive, offer plenty of room and fantastic protection from several common problems. Make sure you know the skinny on a huge tent before you settle for less.

Outwell makes some of the most luxurious (and pricy) tents I’ve ever seen.

Perfect For Large Parties & Families

When you have a big party of people going along on a camping trip, whether it’s a bunch of your kids or just a group of friends, the more people that go, the more camping crap you have to take along too. Picking your campsite and getting it set up can be a lot of fun, but when there is too much to get done, it can become a chore more than having a good time. The good times start after everything is ready and that includes getting the tents set up.

Larger Tents Are More Like Home

Unless it is a necessity, one large family camping tent can be an ideal way to cut down on the time it takes you to set up camp. Huge family tents are one of the hottest trends in camping today simply because they have multiple rooms which means separate sleeping compartments. Instead of setting up three separate small tents, use one great big one with at least three rooms and everyone still gets their own space.

More Gear, More Room

Big family tents for camping is what you are likely to see at most camp grounds these days. Even if you don’t have to use every room of the tent for sleeping quarters, when you have a lot of camping crap along with you, these monster sized family tents are absolutely ideal for storing your excess gear. Swimming floats, life jackets, bedding, plastic storage bins, or anything you want to keep out of the way, but protected at the same time, can be stored in an extra tent compartment. Even when you bring along a nice screen tent, you want to be able to use it for cooking and eating, not necessarily a storage area.

Light & Easy To Setup

One of the great things about these over sized family tents is that they are so easy to assemble even though they are very large. They usually come with collapsible fiberglass rods that slide right through specially designed rod slots. You can actually have many of these types of family tents set up in just a few minutes without all the headache you used to have trying to sort and separate those old metal poles that were often color coded and confusing.

If you love to camp and you want to make it as simple as possible, that means limiting the amount of stuff you take. There are many pieces of camping equipment you just can’t do without, but when you can take along one huge family tent for everyone instead of a bunch of smaller separate ones, then you are becoming a truly efficient camper!

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This gigantic tent is fit for the biggest families. Fitting up to 9 people, CORE brings us a tent that is not only massive, but is also waterproof. It can fit up to two queen-size air mattresses, has a spacious interior, and has a room separator.

This tent measures at 14’ x 9’ and is very easy to assemble.

Wenzel Great Basin Tent

Being another highly-rated tent, Wenzel brings us a huge 9-person tent with shock-corded fiberglass poles and pins and ring system. There are two mesh doors, two mesh windows, and two mesh roof vents for optimal air ventilation and view enjoying. There is a hanging divider to create two rooms in the tent.

This tent measures at 18’ x 10’ x 6.5’ and is easy to assemble.

Slumberjack Overland 10 Person Tent

While not the most colorful tent in the world, the Overland 10 tent from Slumberjack has a tremendous amount of space inside. It is a tunnel-style tent with multiple windows on the sides which can be opened or closed. It has room dividers for privacy and suits up to 10 people. Three rooms provide optimum seclusion if need be.

The measurements are 19’ x 9’ x 6.25’ and requires a bit of assembly with five fiberglass poles.

Wnnideo 10 Person Hexagonal Dome Camping Tent

Made out of treated polyester, this tent will keep you dry and keep harmful UV radiation from your body. The lightweight fiberglass poles are strong enough to support the tent for years to come. There is enough room for up to ten people and it is easy to stand up in with its dome top.

This tent comes to 12’ x 10’ x 6’ and needs some assembly.

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent

If temperature is a big deal for you, this huge tent comes with an LED-lighted fan system to maintain a comfortable environment. The welded seams protect from the harsh nature that might try to overrun your camping experience. It is wide enough to be comfortable with up to 9 people inside and tall enough to stand up in.

This tent is 14’ x 10’ and requires some assembly.

Arizona GT 10 Person Sport Camping Tent

Being one of the highest rated giant tents on the market, the Arizona GT deserves every bit of praise it gets. It has two rooms and two doors, sporting three windows as well. It is double-layered with polyester, coated with waterproof and sun-proof lamination. The floor has anti-fungus polyethylene that will keep you dry and keep you from the elements of nature if need be.

This tent is 17.4’ x 8’ and is easy to assemble.

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person Cabin Tent

Being one of the most open and ventilated tents on the market, this durable, polyester tent is great for views and cool air. It is secure in windy weather and features solar shields to keep the sun out when need be. While still being able to have room separators up, it still provides a 7’ center, making it comfortable to stand in. Two doors make it easy to get in and out of.

This tent is 20’ x 12’ and is is somewhat difficult to assemble.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Cabin Tent

Need more than a 10-person family tent? Well, Ozark also has a 14-person tent! It’s a massive five-room tent with four separator options. Keep each of the four sides separate from the center one if you want to. It’s a perfect fit for any size family and provides optimal coverage and rain-proof areas for your camping trip.

The tent measures at 20’ x 20’ and requires some assembly.

Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Cabin Tent

Having three different rooms in this huge tent, this is one of the biggest ones on the market. Each room can fit an entire queen air mattress in each. It has a center door and two side doors, all while blocking out rain and being waterproof. It has six windows and the two side doors are see-through, making it great for ventilation and panoramic views.

The tent measures at about 20’ x  10’. Assembly is necessary to put the tent up.

Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Person Tent

This massive tent suits 9 people and still has quite a bit of room. There is a removable divider curtain which creates two separate rooms while having two doors for optimum privacy if needed. The windows on each side give great air ventilation and offers clear visibility. The roof is also meshed to add to the air circulation.

This tent measures at 14’ x 12’ x 7’ and is somewhat difficult to assemble.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

This tent is made from treated polyester, making weather a non-factor for it. The welded floors and inverted seams keep the rain and pests out. The hinged door of this tent makes it easy to get in and out of the tent. It fits ten people or three queen air mattresses. The color-coded poles make assembly easier than most.

The tent measures at 17’ x 9’ and is easy to assemble.

Timber Ridge Large Family Tent

If you’re a fan of solar energy charging systems, this specially-designed tent will be your best friend. It has five windows and a top mesh panel, giving you maximum air circulation. The removable seam-sealed fly gives you a weather-proof quality that tents need. The room divider can separate the tent into two rooms.

The tent measures at 14’ x 10’ x 6.6’ and requires quite a bit of assembly.