Keep Your Camping Trailer Ready To Roll

Camping Trailer Essentials, Ideas & Maintenance

There is a vast difference between tent camping and trailer camping. When you use tents you must pack up everything in your car or SUV each time you get ready to go, but with a camping trailer you can keep many of your necessities stored in the trailer at all times and be ready to take off at a moments notice.

There are all kinds of trailers out there to choose from. Some families will invest in a brand new camping trailer with all of the bells and whistles, while others might buy a used one that needs a little spit and polish and isn’t quite so fancy.

If you decide to invest in a camping trailer, you are going to want one that will accommodate all of your family. Since different size campers sleep different numbers of people, that will be where you start when choosing one. The size of camper you decide might also depend on what kind of vehicle you have available to pull it with.

If you have several children and the camper you get won’t sleep everyone, you can always take along one tent for extra sleeping room outside the camper and still have the advantage of the camper kitchen and bathroom.

Things To Keep Stored In Your Camper

Bedding – Bedding for your camping trailer can include pillows, sheets, blankets and even sleeping bags for tent use
Towels – Keep towels in the camper for swimming and bathing
Toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair combs, toilet paper
Kitchen Towels – paper towels, kitchen rags, outdoor picnic tablecloth
Dish Soap – Laundry Detergent -Garbage Bags
Dishes – store all of the necessary plates, bowls, cups, and utensils you need to eat with
Cookware – pots, pans, cooking utensils, metal grill to use for campfire cooking
Coffee pot – either electric or cook top coffee pot
First Aid Kit – Every camping trailer needs a first aid kit that includes insect repellents.
Food Staples – salt, pepper, and spices are usually fine to keep in your camper for a good while

Important Note About Food:

Never leave perishable foods in your camper when you are not using it. If you keep any canned goods in there, make sure you check their expiration dates. Even canned goods should not be allowed to freeze or be exposed to high temperatures. If you keep your camper in a garage that is cooled in summer or heated in winter, then your canned goods should be fine as long as they are not expired. It’s probably best to always stock a fresh supply of foods in your camper and that way you know everything is good. This is easy to do if you remove all food products once you get your camper back home.

The supplies listed are only the things that will make getting ready for a camping trip in your trailer take less time. There are things associated with your camper itself that you might need to add to the list like the water needed for your toilet flushing, bathing, and dish washing. You could need a propane tank for your camping trailer stove. Every family will have items that they can add to the list like an extra leash for your pet or whatever it is you can store in the camper that you just can’t forget!

Advice For Camping Trailer Tires, Hitch, And Lights

The tires on your camping trailer are just as important as the tires on the vehicle that is pulling it. It is very annoying to have a flat anytime, so always keep your camper tires up to date and in good condition. Check your trailer hitch each and every time you hook up and unhook your camper and make sure there is no damage in any way. You should always check to be sure your camper turn signal and brake lights are connected and working correctly before you head out.

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