Stocking Travel Trailer

Keep Your Camping Trailer Ready To Roll

Camping Trailer Essentials, Ideas & Maintenance

There is a vast difference between tent camping and trailer camping. When you use tents you must pack up everything in your car or SUV each time you get ready to go, but with a camping trailer you can keep many of your necessities stored in the trailer at all times and be ready to take off at a moments notice.

There are all kinds of trailers out there to choose from. Some families will invest in a brand new camping trailer with all of the bells and whistles, while others might buy a used one that needs a little spit and polish and isn’t quite so fancy.

If you decide to invest in a camping trailer, you are going to want one that will accommodate all of your family. Since different size campers sleep different numbers of people, that will be where you start when choosing one. The size of camper you decide might also depend on what kind of vehicle you have available to pull it with.

If you have several children and the camper you get won’t sleep everyone, you can always take along one tent for extra sleeping room outside the camper and still have the advantage of the camper kitchen and bathroom.


Bedding is one thing you just can’t do without. It’s right on up there with food. Keeping it stocked up with decent, quality bedding goods is something that should definitely be on your list. Keep blankets, pillows, sheets, and even sleeping bags, whichever you prefer, and you’ll always be ready to go!


Whether you’re swimming or bathing, keeping towels in your rig is always a good idea. If you’re primarily bathing, you can keep normal household towels that you would normally buy and you’ll be just fine. If you’re swimming a lot, though, swim towels are specially made to dry quick, which is great if your camper doesn’t have a dryer.

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen essentials are things like paper towels, trash bags, and those types of things. There are other household essentials listed to the right that you shouldn’t forget! The full list was too big to put here, so click the button to the bottom right to see the whole thing.

Amazon Prime can have you stocked for your next camping trip overnight!


Dishes are essential and you probably don’t want to load up your dishes from out of the house to go camping or even just RVing with. And you don’t want breakable items, either! Try some of the non-breakable dishes and cups to the right and you won’t go wrong.


The type of cookware you have in your travel trailer is just as important as the dishes. Because space is at a premium,  you don’t want anything that’s going to take up too much of it. Stick to one of the cookware sets to the left instead of packing items made to be used on your full size range at home.


And no, we don’t mean you should store coffee in your travel trailer! Like regular foodstuffs, coffee is sensitive to heat. While it keeps just fine in the cold, being stored in an unventilated travel trailer or RV with no active air conditioning in the summer could ruin it.

What you use to make your coffee, however, can be stored just fine. It’s even better if you don’t have to rely on electricity to make your coffee, so a french press or even a propane coffee maker both fit the travel trailer & RV lifestyle perfectly.

Pet Supplies

Let’s face it: if you have dogs, they probably go with you camping. They have needs, too, and the better prepared you are to deal with those needs, the easier your trip will be. Their regular dog food, some toys, a solid leash and harness, and maybe even some boots for their feet depending on where you’re going should be enough to make them happy.

Important Note About Food:

Never leave perishable foods in your camper when you are not using it. Even canned goods should not be allowed to freeze or be exposed to high temperatures. If you keep your camper in a garage that is cooled in summer or heated in winter, then your canned goods should be fine. It’s probably best to always stock a fresh supply of foods in your camper and that way you know everything is good. This is easy to do if you remove all food products once you get your camper back home.