Fire Starters For Camping DIY

I Can Start A Fire With Cotton Balls And WHAT?

8 Amazingly Simple Ways To Start A Fire While Camping Or At home

If you go camping on a regular basis, you’ve probably had all of the firewood that you gathered ruined by rain.  If that pissed you off just as much as it did me, then you’ll probably want to respond to mother nature’s assholery by bringing your own kindling with you the next time you go camping.  Here are the top 10 ways to start a fire sans mother nature.

Pine Cones & Newspaper

Take some dry newspaper (that you either find or bring with you in a waterproof container) and wrap a pine cone with it.  By the time the newspaper finishes itself off, the pine cone should have caught fire.

Newspaper & Twine

Cut some newspaper up into 4 inch strips.  Roll them up & tie them with some cotton twine with about 2 inches or so left so you can dip them into melted wax.  Use the twine that didn’t get covered as a wick to light it.

Dryer Lint

I hate dryer lint, but I suppose even it has its useful moments.  Take the remains of some old candles and place them in a pan.  Place that pan inside of a larger pan that’s filled with water.  Melt the candles on low heat.

In the mean time, put some wax paper underneath a cardboard egg carton.  Put the lint pieces into the egg carton (don’t use styrofoam cartons… yucky smell & the fumes are bad for you), then pour the melted wax over them.

When you need a fire started, separate one of the egg pods from the rest of the group, light it, and you’re done!

Sawdust & Pencil Shavings

You can use the same method that we used with lint blocks above with sawdust or pencil shavings from a pencil sharpener.  You can also mix the sawdust directly into the melted wax in the pot, then pour into the egg carton mold.

Cotton Balls & Petroleum Jelly

This is a pretty simple project.  Place cotton balls into a ziploc bag & add some petroleum jelly to the bag.  Zip it closed, then knead the cotton balls & jelly until the cotton is covered with it.  Place them in a carrying container of your choice.  When you need to use one, tear the cotton ball open to expose the inner threads of the cotton.  Because of the jelly coating, the cotton ball will burn longer and hotter than it would if it was lit without it.

Wax Paper From Cereal Boxes

“But, I don’t have wax paper!” you say?  Never fear!  Almost any household in America has a package of ridiculously sugary cereal in the house and if you have that, then my friend, you very likely do have wax paper!

Wax Paper, Dryer Lint, & Toilet Paper Roll

Stuff some dryer lint inside of a toilet paper roll, then wrap with the wax paper liner of a cereal box.  Twist the ends together

Frankenstein Fire Starters

If you’re wanting something a little bigger than the egg carton-sized pods we mentioned earlier, you could apply the same technique to pine cones.  For some frankenstein fire starters, you’ll need the following:

  • Pine Cones
  • Wax (Going to need a lot to cover multiple pine cones)
  • Sawdust
  • Petroleum Jelly

Coat the pine cones with petroleum jelly the best that you can, then roll in saw dust to coat again.  Once your wax is melted, dip your pine cone in it.  Repeat until you’re either out of pine cones or out of wax.