How To Make A DIY Camp Shower

Reading this article will be one of the smartest moves you’ve ever made once you learn the tips and tricks on this page. It is hard to conceive now, but after a couple of days of camping, you will think of this great info as soon as you have taken your first camping shower. We can promise you that.

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Most people can manage to go a day or two without a bath or shower, but after that, you are going to begin to feel stinky and grungy. It’s not that difficult to rig up a way to take a quick shower if you know how. 

If you think a shower is your only option, think again!  Check out our post about how to get a DIY hot bath right at your camp site!

DIY Camp Showers

The advantages of DIY camp showers are:

  • You can usually make them out of things you already have
  • Which makes it cheaper
  • You can customize it to your liking
  • And it gives you a sense of independence and makes you a little more life savvy than your neighbor who buys everything at Bass Pro Shop. (Take THAT, Dave, with your huge boat that’s against our HOA in your 2 car driveway!)


Pump Sprayer Shower

DIY Vehicle Camp Shower

This version involves a 12-volt outlet pump, a 5 gallon bucket, a hose, some plastic pipe fittings, and a 12-volt car lighter plugin.  Check it out here.

Hardcore DIY Camp Shower From… Well, Junk

This is for hardcore people that want to do as much from recycled stuff as possible.  It will involve actually making your own shower head from a tin can, which might be a bit too DIY for some people.  Check it out here.

Not Interested In Buying or Building?

Take a sponge bath.  Or smell like sasquatch after about 3 days.  Your decision.

Shower Tips

Try to place your shower downhill from the rest of your campsite so the water from it doesn’t run towards your tents or the rest of your equipment.

Use biodegradable soaps (if you have to use soap at all), because the regular stuff we use at home isn’t exactly great for the environment

Camping Shampoo & Soaps

If you’re environmentally conscious, using shampoo and soap that is biodegradable should be a must for every camping trip.  One of the best products that we’ve found so far is Campsuds, which is made with plant-based ingredients, purified water, and essential oils.


Buying vs DIY

Buying a camp shower is great because it’s usually ready to go out of the box.  The advantages of buying one instead of making one are:

  • It’s less time-consuming (unless you live 45 miles away from the nearest store that has a decent one that won’t break within the first 2 showers… and no, not you, Wal-Mart)
  • It probably has a warranty (are you seriously going to make a claim on a $20-$30 purchase?)
  • Other campers won’t look at you funny

Check Out Our Top Camp Shower Picks Here!

The easiest way to have a good camp shower is to invest in a ready made camp shower bag. They work great, they are easily reusable and inexpensive. You can fill them with warm water and it is heavenly to feel clean!

Some ready made shower bags are sturdier and work better than others, so it might not be advisable to go with the cheapest one you find. If you do a lot of camping, like any other camping equipment you would invest in, go with a product that has good reviews. You want your camp shower bag to hold up for many trips and you probably won’t get that with a very cheap bag. You can also buy shower tents that come ready to setup and use, just add water.