How To Make A Camp Fire Without Lighters Or Matches

Well, you have probably seen it done on TV or in a movie you watched, and it might have looked pretty simple with the right tools. It can be, but still, the best way to get a camp fire going fast and easy is by being smart enough to bring along a couple of lighters and plenty of matches

However, say you lose your lighters or they quit on you. What if your drop all of your matches in the water and you are camped miles from anywhere? You need to have along another option or know how to make a fire with other tools tool at your disposal and you should bring some of them with you just in case.


Magnifying Glass

You can use the old magnifying glass in the sun over some dry brush trick, if it’s not cloudy outside. If you don’t have a magnifying glass, then using anything that is just glass might work. It will take longer and the sun will have to be hot and shining directly on your glass and material.


Causing A Reaction

If you bring along a good sized piece of fine steel wool and a 9 volt battery with a decent charge left in it, all you need to do is rub the end of the battery with the connections on it back and forth across the steel wool quickly. It will react together and should catch on fire. Have your dry brush and kindling ready to make your fire bigger. You should really wear gloves of some kind if you try this so you won’t get burned.


Fire From Friction

Sure there are other ways you can start a fire without a lighter or matches, but they can be challenging and frustrating. If you have ever watched the movie Castaway with Tom hanks, you will recall how long it took him to make his fire. His first attempt was the hand drill method. You rub a stick between your palms up and down on top of another piece of wood surrounded by dry grass. using a stick of hollowed out bamboo or other wood and rubbing another stick up and down the slit furiously! It worked in the end, but I thought he might kill himself trying. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a very good or long movie had that happened. Below is an alternate method that will save the palms of your hands using a simple handmade bow and the same drill method.


Making Sparks

On any camping trip you need to have a fire flint. The flint is magnesium and you use something metal to scrape off flakes that make sparks. Normally you will place the magnesium flint on ground upwardly, and put the scraper vertically to the flint. Scrape some magnesium powder on inflammable material like paper or very dry grass. Place the flint on ground at about 45° and 2.5 cm from the magnesium powder you just scraped onto your fire starting material. You must strike the flint quickly to produce enough spark to light up the flammable material. Once again, be ready with more dry grass or paper to keep your fire going. The flint fire starter are sold in lots of places and easily ordered on line.


It is important that you learn these other fire making techniques if you are planning to camp in remote wilderness areas where you could get injured or stranded. If you are camping in a camp ground and you run out of matches or your lighter won’t work, just do the smart thing and knock on the door of the tent next to you and borrow a light!