How to Avoid Getting Eaten Alive by Bugs When Camping

The great outdoors, according to many city dwellers, is a source of unending wonderment and serene entertainment.  Most city dwellers have the idea that being out in the open is good for one’s soul and is therapeutic; leaving the hectic pace of civilization behind and simply being out in the mysterious quiet of the forest, the plain, or the desert can bring about peace of mind and general all around health.

Looking for a real bug solution?  Try the best bug repellent, Skin So Soft, by Avon!  (Or spend your trip in a screen tent.  Your choice! 🙂 )

Obviously, these city dwellers have never actually been camping.  As the saying goes, it is literally a jungle out there; there are wild animals and all kinds of creepy crawlies that if encountered in the city would make one’s hair stand on end.  And that’s not even counting the mosquitoes!

One of the greatest hazards of being out in the wilds, far from civilization, is the risk of being chewed up by nasty black flies or stung by mosquitoes.  A few minutes of having either one of these pests buzzing by one’s ears is enough to make one go mad, and a camping vacation or an outdoors-based job can quickly be ruined by incessant noise and bites.

Because some of these vicious little insects can sting through clothing, it is absolutely essential for a person who wants to explore nature to be prepared.  A bug spray will be effective, but if one has sensitive skin the active ingredient may cause a rash; therefore, the best solution for a person walking about is to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and to spray everything, clothes and exposed skin, with some citronella to ward off any straggler bugs.  If one must go into an area notorious for black flies, there are special clothes available with insect repellent mesh screens that cover the face of the wearer for maximum protection.  Special gloves are also on the market. But the best bug repellent is Skin So Soft, a body oil by Avon. It smells good, is not as dangerous as poison and works better than anything I have ever used, other than a good screen tent.

A camper also needs to remember that many bugs like to come out at night when humans are sleeping.  Even if one doesn’t encounter any mosquitoes or flies during the day, one can be assured that they certainly do come out after sunset.  With a vengeance.  However, one can still get a very sound, undisturbed sleep by choosing a tent with care:  the right tent should have an interior noseeum mesh lining with mesh tight enough to prevent even the smallest of insects from getting in, but should be loose enough to allow for proper ventilation.  The tent should also be free of rips, tears or gaps anywhere along the seams or zippers.  Having the right tent will make a huge difference to the quality of the camping trip.

Although flying pests can make a camping trip an absolute misery, with the right clothes, repellent and tent their effect can be negated, and one certainly can enjoy the mythical soul-rejuvenating effects of being out in the woods or wilds, away from the cares of civilization.