Hiking Oregon – Scenic Beauty At It’s Best

There are a lot of different hiking trails in almost every state in America, but to see some of the most beautiful country there is, you have to hike in Oregon. There are many hiking trails to choose from in and the hardest decision you will make is deciding which one you want to take. Then again, you might want to try as many of them!

Day Hikes With Or Without Kids

Unlike some hiking trails in some states, there are trails for almost everyone in Oregon, even kids! There are lots of day hiking trips that families can safely take like at the Columbia George National Scenic Area or The Sandy River Delta Trail east of Portland. You do want to go when the weather is at it’s best or it could be cold and rainy.

Multnomah Falls nears Cascade Locks, Oregon is a short hike of only 2.4 miles. It can be very crowded on weekends and peak seasons, but they say the views are absolutely spectacular and this is one of the best waterfalls to see. Since this is considered a moderate hike, it may not be a good choice with smaller children.

The Silver Loop Falls Trail is A little longer as a 10 mile loop. It’s located near Silverton, Oregon at the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. This state park trail has 10 different waterfalls and some of them can even be walked behind. This one might also be a little long to take kids along.

Favorite Oregon Backpacking Trails

Bear Creek Loop is a 39 mile long trail. It is located in a less used area of the Wallowa Mountains, but this trail is not for inexperienced hikers. It is great if you want to do a little fishing with flies or lures, but some of your catch must be released if it is the bull trout. This hike includes the beautiful Washboard Ridge which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Oregon.

The Opal Creek and Bull of the Woods is a Cascades wilderness trail and is a less crowded than many other trails. It runs for 41 miles. It’s dotted with small lakes and massive trees that are sure to take your breath away. You will encounter many scenic view ridges as well as cascading streams to keep your entire hike interesting to the fullest from beginning to end.

The Hells Canyon Western “Summit” Trail is perfect if you are up to about 53 miles of fairly endurable hiking, then the Hells Canyon Western Rim “Summit” Trail could be your pick. The slopes upward rise gently for the most part and the ridge walk is not too bad either. Since it is elevated, it can get pretty cool. Don’t expect too many water sources along the rim so you have to pick your camping site carefully and take what you can near water.

Hiking along any of these trails is going to take you overnight, maybe two nights depending on the pace you set for yourself. You will need the basic supplies that you would for any other hiking expedition like a great lightweight hiking tent, excellent hiking boots, first aid kit, food and water you bring along or a way to purify the water you find a long the way.

These are just a few of hundreds of trails that a backpacker can take advantage of in the great and gorgeous state of Oregon. Crater Lake National Park has trails to be taken advantage of. Olympic National Park is also a breathtaking beauty hike you won’t want to miss, although the trek along the coastline can be treacherous if you are not careful.

As with any hiking adventure you wish to set out on, be sure to check the weather forecasts of you plan to visit during the tricky winter weather to avoid being disappointed if certain trails or parks might be closed for the season or just short spells. Always call ahead to ask about permit and reservation requirements. Also as with many other parks and trails, pets might be allowed on some and not on others so that is another question you should ask before you take your pet along.