Keep Bees Out Of Your Soda Can

HACK: Keep Wasps & Bees Out Of Your Soda + Bonus Hack

Bonus Camping Hack Below For Bees & Wasp While Camping

Before you finish with this article, you will know how to keep pesky bees and wasp away from your camp site, but the ones that do get through your barrier will end up without spoils with a simple but great hack using your soda top to keep bees out ( an inadvertently in your mouth. Ouch!). Both are short reads, so you can get back to enjoying your life with some cool tricks added to your insect arsenal while outdoors and camping.

If you constantly have to have something to drink (preferably a sugary, not-so-good-for-you beverage) at your immediate disposable, then you are a drinkaholic.  You can’t help it.  Most of the time, though, it doesn’t end up being that much of a nuisance… until you start spending time outside in the spring and summer when there are winged things about.

Wasps.  Bees.  Yellow jackets.  Hornets.  Their place in the circle of life though they may have, they’re annoying and I don’t like sharing my drinks with them.  They don’t like sharing my drinks with me, either, and sometimes they’re greedy to the point of violence about it.  Even then, they’re easy to avoid… unless your drink happens to be in a soda can.  Sometimes they get down inside the can and negligent you suddenly decide it’s a good time to take a swig.  The next thing you know, the can’s on the ground, and you’re cursing (and possibly swelling) So, how do you keep them out of your can?

Turn the tab around!


Bonus Hack: How To Keep Bees & Wasp Away From Your Camping Site

Simply place a Hummingbird feeder about 20 yards from your camping site and you can keep them busy with the sweet & sugary solution. Bees and wasps want food, just like you do, and they have a sweet tooth that would make a child glee with envy. The best solution is to give them exactly what they want, just not in your camp site.

Take a simple humming bird feeder, fill it up and hang it from a low branch on a tree about 20 yards away and the vast majority of them will opt for the feeder and stay away from your campsite. I personally use 3 of them. This way I can make a perimeter around the camp and keep them from getting to my camp. Hint: It is cheaper to buy this set of 3 than it is to buy 1. The link is to Amazon. They are around 10 bucks, well worth the price.