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Going Camping Can Be Fun – Easy Tips!

Vacations are a great way to get away from a busy life, and camping is the perfect cure for it all. To help ensure that your camping trip goes off without a hitch, read the following tips. The information will be a great help, no matter what comes your way during your trip! You can also check out our list for first time campers if this is your first camping trip.

Don’t let your flashlight batteries get drained inadvertently. You can easily press the “on” switch on a flashlight when digging in your camping bag. If you put the batteries in your flashlight backwards, you can avoid this. Your batteries will remain fully charged until you turn them around the right direction, and you won’t be able to accidentally turn the flashlight on.

While camping, do everything you can to be safe and cautious. That means to steer clear of large wildlife, and even some of the smaller creatures. Even the smallest creature can be surprisingly dangerous. Refrain from feeding these animals as they can do damage to you.

Always set up a new tent once at home before taking it camping. This will prevent you from having a tent with missing pieces and then you can set it up properly. This kind of “dry run” also helps lower your frustration level when setting up the tent at the campsite

One easy tip to keep in mind is that you have to build your shelter before nighttime. When it is daytime, it is a much easier setting for pitching a tent. You need either a fire or a flashlight. It is easier if you do it while it is still daylight.

Protect the battery-life of your flashlight. It is easy for a flashlight to get turned on accidentally. Take batteries out when you’re traveling, and place them in backwards. This will ensure that your batteries won’t go to waste and your flashlight won’t be accidentally turned on.

Downstream is the best place for you to go to the bathroom while camping. By doing so, you will only have fresh water at your campsite. Relieve yourself a minimum of 300 feet downstream or get  your own bathroom and you can build a DIY shower setup and live it up in style.

When camping, bring the sleeping bag that appeals to the season that you are in. A winter bag for the summer will cause you to sweat all night. Also, during the winter, you should bring a sleeping bag that has down or heavy material. You would in fact be risking your health and safety.

Your camping trip will be much more pleasant if you have the correct advice; hopefully you are now well informed after reading this article! Use the advice here to enjoy your next camping trip even more by taking advantage of the beauty of nature.