Foods To Take On A Family Camping Trip

This can be a confusing subject sometimes, so we are here to help give you the knowledge you need to get it right the first time and ever time. This is not an exhaustive list of the possibilities, just a basic list with tips and tricks to give you direction and some things you may never have thouth of yourself. Expand and downsize this list and information to customize it to you and your family and friends.

One of the most fun things about camping outdoors is the food! You have to eat no matter where you go and cooking out can be fun when camping, but you might also want to be free to enjoy other activities without so much cooking! You can easily take along different foods, some that are easy to eat just the way they are without preparation, and others that you can cook on a grill or over a campfire.

Every family will have to adjust their camping food list to their own individual likes and needs. The easiest way to make sure you are taking enough food along is to know how long you are going to be camping. Decide which foods you would like to cook and make sure you have brought along enough snack foods to fill in the rest of the meals.

You will definitely need a cooler that can hold ice for a long amount of time. If you have a big family you might even need two coolers to hold everything. If you will be near a place where getting more ice is convenient, then you can take more perishable foods. If you can’t get ice for keeping things cold, then you need to go with more foods that won’t ruin.


Great Snack Foods to Take That Don’t need To Be Kept Cold:

Crackers – saltines & graham
Nuts in sealable bags or cans
Fruits –  fresh or flip top cans
Bread & Buns
Canned meats like chunk chicken and tuna
Peanut butter
Trail mix
Beenie weenies & vienna weiners in flip top cans
Dry cereals
Breakfast bars
Beef Jerky
Rice Cakes
Pancake batter and syrup
canned soups

Foods And Drinks That Need To Be Kept Cold:

Cheese – slices or slab
Sausage links or patties
Hamburger patties
Juice boxes
Chip Dips

You have to keep in mind that these are the easiest foods to take along as snacks or the easiest ones to  cook quickly for families. Your family might want to bring along some nice steaks to cook and some fresh potatoes or corn on the cob to roast in the fire in aluminum foil. It’s easy to do! There are lots of things your family might like and a good place to begin finding the things to take is your pantry and refrigerator. Then you can take a trip to the grocery store and get more good camping food ideas there! You can check out some of the most popular camping foods here.

If you plan to do much cooking, then make sure you bring along the camp cooking supplies you will need. Some campers like a camp stove with propane fuel containers and some like a metal grill for cooking over a camp fire.

A good hot breakfast is a great way to start any camping day, so you might want to make that the big meal you cook, but some campers had rather have a fast breakfast and save the meal they cook for the end of the day. It’s all up to you because when you go camping, the main goal is to rest, relax and have fun! If you spend the entire trip cooking, you might as well have stayed home in the kitchen!

Don’t forget plenty of food for your pets if you take them along with you!

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