Emergency Camping – Bugging Out When Disaster Strikes

Even though we see the results of all kinds of devastating disasters on TV news almost everyday now, somehow many of us feel strangely disconnected with it all like it will never happen to us. Odds are, one day one of those horrible occurrences will effect us in some tragic way.

The usual natural disasters that we have always known existed like floods, wildfires, tornadoes, or earthquakes might not have been much of a threat to us personally depending on where we live, but now when we consider the threat of economic collapse, terrorists attacks, pandemics, and even the great Yellowstone Park volcanic eruption that scientists say could be looming in our near future, well those things pretty much encompass all of us no matter where we live.

Which Of These Disasters Might Cause You To Leave Home?

Flood – Earthquake – Fire – Tornado – Hurricane – Nuclear – Terrorists – Economic Collapse – Pandemic – Volcano

The worst thing of all about any of these disasters is the fact that you can not predict any of them long term and some of them not at all. If there are storms brewing in your area, the news might give you 24 hours notice that tornadoes could be created or a hurricane can be tracked and pinpointed within a few days of landfall, but even with that much notice it is difficult to get prepared to bug so quickly and decide what you will do.

If it turns out to be one of the even more unpredictable and more devastating disasters like a nuclear crisis or pandemic, do you even have a clue as to how to deal with it and survive if you had to leave your home and get to some place safer? Would you be prepared to camp out in some wilderness area if you couldn’t use a campground? In some cases like a pandemic, you might not want to be around other people at all if you can avoid it.

Can You Answer These Questions Right Now?

Can you gather enough food and water fast enough for emergency camping?

Do you have the survival camping equipment you will need?

Where will you camp if you don’t have an obvious choice?

What if you can’t bug out in your vehicle for emergency camping?

It is imperative that you to have the answers to all of these questions and if you can’t answer even one of them, it could mean the difference whether you and your family survive or not. If you have ever just shrugged off that old saying that “There’s no time like the present.”, well it has never been more true than today when it comes to making your family ready to face any one of these tragic events if you have to leave your home in a hurry.

Now Is The Time To Prepare For Emergency Evacuation

To begin making your disaster ready preparations now, consult some of the other articles on this site to help you get started. Money is not always a factor in the beginning because there are probably so many things you already have at home that you can use as emergency supplies or equipment, you just need to know how to get it all organized and ready to go with little or no notice. Find out what you need for camping equipment and other things that could be useful. Make the entire process a family affair if you have children old enough to understand what you are doing.

The reason that emergency camping is such a great option in many disaster situations is because it could be difficult to get a motel or be able to afford one long term. If you have a camper trailer and the roads are clear so you can use it, you want to have that camper ready to go. Even using only tents, when you camp with the right equipment, you can hopefully stay long term wherever you set up your camp. The key is taking as much food, water, and other supplies with you as you can.