Easy Seafood With Rice

Camp food doesn’t have to take a long time to be delicious. It can even be a little out of the ordinary like this seafood stew recipe. You will surely have to get your frozen seafood at the super market unless you can get it fresh along the cost somewhere, but if you’re camping in the woods that’s not likely to happen. You will need the big pot with lid for this recipe and the ingredients listed below. You don’t have to be Creole to cook up Dutch oven goodies like this one! Feeds 4

1 small bag of frozen shrimp – pre-cooked, any size

1 large package of artificial crab

1 small bag of frozen scallops – pre-cooked

1 can of tomatoes

1 can of cut okra

1 can of corn

1 box of instant white rice

1 pkg gumbo seasoning

Throw your instant rice into the Dutch oven with the amount of water the pkg calls for. Add your canned items, don’t drain the water off. Put in the entire pkg of gumbo seasoning. Cove the pot and cook this mixture over low to med heat on the fire grill or hanging on a tripod until the rice is tender. Take the tails off the shrimp and throw them in. Then shred up the crab and the scallops and throw those in. Cook until all of the ingredients have heated through and then an additional 15  to 20 minutes so the flavors will come together.

This recipe is fast and easy if you like a gumbo flavor. It’s not exactly gumbo like you would get in old Louisiana, but it’s close enough for the campsite! It’s very filling and if everyone in your party likes shrimp and rice, they are going to love this dish.You can even substitute your favorite past in place of rice if you choose to with this recipe. This is why it is always great to bring a variety of camping foods along just in case you want to change something up a bit!  Serve it with toast, cornbread, crackers, or biscuits. You can bet after you feed all of your campers with this hearty meal, all they are going to want to do is crawl in their tent and crawl on their nice comfy air mattress and sleep it off!