Dutch Oven Potato And Cabbage Stew

If you like boiled cabbage and potatoes, then you will love this hearty stew with lots of bacon. It’s another simple to make camp meal that you can get cooked up in an hour or so using a this big Dutch Oven pot recipe with your camp stove or your camp fire and a tripod. The ingredients are fresh and the flavor is undeniably delicious and filling.

1 large head of green cabbage

8 med Idaho potatoes

1 onion

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 lb of bacon

Place all of your ingredients into your Dutch oven as you prepare them. Chop your cabbage head into chunk size pieces. Chop your onion fairly small so it will cook through easily. Peel the Idaho potatoes, wash them off well, and cut into big chunks too. Add in your can of cream of mushroom soup. Use the entire pkg of bacon and slice the strips in half. Pull the pieces apart and disburse them loosely into the cabbage and potato mixture. Add enough water to the pot so that all of the cabbage, potatoes, and bacon are covered. Salt and pepper to taste.

This is going to take at least an hour to cook over a medium heat. You want your cabbage to be soft and the potatoes cooked through, but not mushy. The reason Idaho potatoes are recommended instead of Russet or red potatoes is because Idaho potatoes are firmer and hold together better during long cooking times. The bacon is boiled through during the cooking time and gives this stew a wonderful flavor!

A pan of cornbread cooked in your camp stove oven is great, but you can also make fried corn bread in a skillet that is fantastic with this stew.