Make A DIY Emergency Survival Compass

A Simple DIY Compass That Could Save Your Life One Day

This is the one trick you need to be aware of if you spend time camping, hiking or just want to be prepared for any disaster and have limited resources. The cool part is that all you need is a few simple things that should be on every camping trip and outing. There are only 3 simple things you need. A freezer bag, a large sewing needle and a simple fishing float, Yes, it is that simple.

Wilderness survival expert Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School has put together a simple idea that works with limited parts that is in almost every home, first aid pack and camping setup that there is almost no need to buy anything other than a simple magnetizer tool that you can get at just about any hardware store, or you can buy one cheap at amazon right now so you don’t forget. I know we are all bad about forgetting things ( my wife reminds me daily).

You simply magnetize the the needle, push it through the fishing float, fill the Ziploc bag or freezer bag about half full (or half empty for pessimist), throw the needle and needle in it and voila, you have an instant compass that points to magnetic north.

Make sure you watch the video so that you know how to do it right and as explained by Dave Canterbury because he is a true expert in survival. I would even suggest you watch all of his videos on his Youtube Channel.