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Best Canoe Camping Trips

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Top Canoe Camping Destinations

If you love camping in a more secluded setting, but hiking to get there is not necessarily your thing, then you have to try one of our top picks for canoe camping. It’s a fantastic alternative to ordinary camping and what an adventure you can have along the way! Canoeing along a river or even a large lake is among the most popular ways to go camping and here are a few reasons why it can be a perfect option for couples and families alike:

  • No long distance walking or hiking
  • Pick a ready campsite or a special spot along the way
  • Bad back or bad knees, no worry
  • Get all your gear to the site without carrying a thing
  • Canoeing in groups is excellent for lots of friends and big families
  • Canoeing adds a brand new, exciting element to any camping experience

Below you can narrow your canoe camping trip down by choosing a state near you or pick a destination that you wouldn’t mind traveling a little further to get to. The canoe camping choices we provided for you are all pretty easy with safe paddling and are family friendly for the most part. We researched every single one and hand picked these locations just for that reason. All of the rivers we chosen were because they allow for overnight camping somewhere along the way.

However, almost any river will have patches of rough water somewhere along the way, which is why you really need to pick a perfect place to put your canoe into the water and know exactly where you will be coming out. You want to avoid any dangerous rapids if you have kids along. If you don’t have kids to worry about, then you may want to be a little more adventurous with your river camping! Click on the links to get much more information about each destination to determine if it is the right canoe camping trip for you! Just grab your family tent, pack up the kids and head out for a great adventure and a lot of fun.




             Sacramento River


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              Gunnison River



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                The Great Lakes And Rivers




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North Carolina 

                French Broad River
                New River



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               Susquehanna River
               Pine Creek



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                Buffalo River
                Duck River


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               Lower Guadalupe River
               Neches River


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              James River
             Rappahannock River


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We hope you have found some good canoe and camping trip choices among the information we researched for you. Just keep in mind that regardless of who you take along on a canoe camping trip, be sure to visit our canoeing safety page before you head out. River travel can be exciting, but it also has it’s hazards if proper care and safety precautions are not taken.