Camping Breakfast Recipes

Simple & Cheap Camping Breakfast With Bonus Recipes

Lucky You! Now you get to learn how to make this delicious meal, it is fast and simple to make. You are gonna love this one because it is so satisfying and fairly cheap to make. How is that for the perfect camping meal that is perfect for breakfast or dinner.

There’s something about camping that makes you want to eat breakfast when you crawl out of that tent! People that never eat breakfast suddenly want it and they don’t know why. Fixing big meals while you camp isn’t always easy (it can be easy though), especially if you don’t have any refrigeration available. If you do have a way to keep things fresh, you’re all set. If you can bring along the fixings in a cooler or Camper or RV fridge, you just need a little skill and a few simple recipes. Eating bugs and raw fish might be fine on the survivor TV shows, but no one wants it for breakfast!

Egg & Cheese Scramble w/Roast Beef

Eggs – as many as you need to feed your crew

Cheese – shredded cheddar from a bag or sliced sandwich cheese

Roast Beef in a can – 1 – 2 cans depending on how many you’re feeding

Bread – toast or biscuits

Tomato – fresh and diced

I like this recipe because you can make it in over a campfire, on a camp stove, or in your RV or camper. It’s quick and easy. No frying bacon and sausage, yet it still has that breakfast flare and it’s delicious!

1. If you have an oven at your disposal, cook your biscuits first because the rest won’t take long.

2. If you are going with toast, you can do make it on your campfire grill, brown in skillet, or oven.

3. Scramble up all of your eggs in a pan, adding the cheese when they are almost done. Mix it up a little.

4. Open your cans of roast beef and heat it separately. Mash up the pieces of meat really well so it’s shredded.

5. Slice or dice up a fresh tomato.

Serving: Lay your toast on plates – add the egg scramble on the toast and ladle a big spoon of the roast beef on top. Sprinkle on a few tomatoes, a little S&P and eat it up!


Fried Egg w/Bacon or Sausage Tortillas: Bonus #1

Eggs – as many as you need to feed your crew – 1 each

Bacon or sausage – 1 package of bacon or 1 pack of sausage patties

Cheese – cheddar in a bag

Pkg. Of Small Flour Tortillas

1. Fry up all of your sausage patties or bacon in a skillet first. Remove from skillet onto a plate and set it aside.

2. Fry up as many eggs as you need in the same skillet you used for your sausage or bacon. You can break the yolks if you like or leave them runny. Sprinkle a little cheese on top when they are almost done and let it get melty.

3. Heat up your flour tortillas on the campfire grill or in an oven if you have one.

4. Lay your fried egg on the tortilla and then a piece of sausage or strips of bacon and fold it up.

This recipe is easy and doesn’t even require plates. Just serve it with a napkin or paper towel!


Pancake In A Bowl w/Sausage or Bacon: Bonus #2

Pancakes are always a favorite while camping and they’re easy to make!

Pancake mix in a box – 1 egg if the mix calls for it.

Bacon or Sausage



1. Fry up your bacon or sausage first and put it aside.

2. Use a griddle on your campfire or stove to cook your pancakes. Don’t make them too big.

3. Melt your syrup and butter together in a small pot.

4. Put the pancakes in a bowl.  Place the sausage or bacon on the pancake and drizzle on plenty of the  butter/syrup on top. If you want to fry or scramble up some egg to throw on there too, you probably won’t get any objections to that !