Easy Camp Cooking Without A Stove

Forget To Pack the Camping Stove?

There is no need to worry, someone will have some firewood at most campgrounds, if not, a simple saw and a hatchet or axe makes this solution easily doable for the average camper.

If you have a frying pan or a pot, your in business and can cook to your hearts content. This is also a great way to control a fire if you are in a survival situation. The nature of it keeps coals from popping out and starting a wildfire. Not saying that you shouldn’t build a barrier ring from rocks or dirt, but it’s design will give you some level of protection for the first part of the burn.

I can honestly say that it’s so simple that a child could do it because a child is doing it.

The nature and design also allows for a slower burn of the wood, so it will make the fire last longer if it’s used as a light or heat source by restricting airflow to the flames and coals on the inside.

This kid shows everyone that camping and survival is easy if you know what to do. You can visit Reggie’s Bushcraft Youtube Channel and see a lot more. I am now a fan, maybe you should do the same.

Can’t let a kid show me up!