Bugging Out On Foot

If you can’t use a vehicle to leave your home in an emergency situation, then things just got a whole lot tougher, especially if you have kids and pets. In some natural catastrophes like earthquakes, floods, or hurricane damage, roads could be totally impassable. Clearing a pathway for your vehicle could be illogical or impossible.

Use hiking backpacks to store the necessary items in so it will make carrying them easier if you have to. These backpacks should also be made ready ahead of time and stored along with the other emergency gear you had prepared for your vehicle. You can pick through some of the basic items you can take along from that reserve.

For example:

Leaving for an emergency camping trip in a vehicle is going to be a lot different than leaving on foot with your family. It might not be logical to try and carry a fuel cook stove, but if you can attach the metal grill onto your backpack and a pan or two, that can come in really handy for cooking over fire. Lighters, matches, fire flint, and flashlights are vital too, even a few candles could come in handy. Just remember, you need these emergency essentials for survival. Enough water, food, medications, and warm clothes are the priority here. Anything else you can carry easily like smaller hiking tents instead of the big family sized tents. Emergency blankets are ideal because they are so small and light weight.

Kids and Pets

Boy, it really gets tricky walking on foot when you have children or small pets to contend with. A big dog however could be an asset when it comes to protection, but feeding it might be a problem. Hiking might be faster if you have a front pack so someone can carry a small child or even a little pet.

If your children are old enough, they need to carry their own backpacks. If they are toddlers and you can utilize a stroller, it is best to at least try and do so. Walking carrying children can tire you out quickly. If you have bicycles, that can also be a good option to go along with walking your way out of a catastrophic area and necessary camping items can perhaps be strapped onto a bike. There might be places where you can ride. When you get to places you can’t, you can pick the bikes or stroller up and over debris one at a time if necessary with your equipment on it. It they get to be too big of a hassle, you can always abandon them.

Even with older kids, say from 5 to 10, you will likely have to take frequent stops. Pace yourself so that you are not the one giving out of steam because you along with your wife or husband if you have one, are all your children have at this point and preserving your energy and watching out for your own safety in turn watches out for them.

Camping Out Or Finding Shelter

If it’s cold out, you are going to want to keep your family indoors somewhere if possible. Depending on how bad the situation is, there could be abandoned barns, houses, or storage buildings where you can take temporary shelter. Always be prepared to defend yourself. Not everyone you meet along the way could be up to no good, but if this crisis is making thousands of people flee the area however they can, you are not safe.

If the situation could turn hostile, then trust no one explicitly. In some crisis situations, using a public campground could be fine, but if dangerous situations, you may want to camp in a secluded area if you can and stay out of site of others, especially if you want to keep the food and other supplies you have with you safe. However, just because other people aren’t around doesn’t mean that dangerous animals aren’t lurking about and so will also need to know how to keep wild animals out of your campsite.

Make sure you have a compass and a map so that if you get lost, you can at least get yourself heading in the right direction to the destination you have in mind, that is if you have one. Take advantage of any clean water and food you find along the way and hang on to your reserves as long as possible.

Remember, bugging out and leaving your home on foot if the future is uncertain is going to be the most difficult and possibly the most challenging thing you have ever done, especially if you have kids. Make it as big of an adventure for them as possible and try to prevent them from being scared as much as you can. Just because you might not know what is coming next or where you are going doesn’t mean they need to at the moment. Of course, if your kids are old enough to understand, they do need to be clued in somewhat just in case something were to happen to you and they found themselves on their own. In a survival situation such as this could be, family safety is essential from the start of your journey until the finish.