Bugging Out In A Vehicle

Chances are you already know what “bugging out” means, but if you don’t here it is. When you have to pack up as many of the life sustaining essentials that you can and leave the comforts of your home to perhaps destinations unknown, that’s bugging out! You might have some prior notice that you will have to resort to that extreme measure and then again, you might have no notice at all. That’s why being prepared ahead of time is essential.

Bugging out can be achieved in several different ways. You could be able to use your vehicle and get out that way. You could use bicycles as transportation if you can’t use a car. You might just have to bug out on foot. A car of course, is the best option when you have kids or elderly people to take with you, but depending on the crisis, that may not be possible. If it is possible, you want to be ready, and having the ability to camp out in an emergency is part of that preparedness.

Checking Our Your Vehicle

Immediately after hearing some crisis is going to cause you to bug out in your vehicle, if possible, get to the nearest gas station and get filled up and take extra storage cans with you if you have them!

Before you load your vehicle for bugging out with emergency emergency camping in mind, do a little maintenance check if there is time. Check the water, oil, transmissions fluid, battery, and tires. Make sure your spare tire is aired up and ready as well as your jack. Flat tires can come at any time from road hazards and a car with a flat is almost useless.

An extra car battery is ideal too if you have one to take along. If you don’t have one, but you still have time to get one, do it. Take an extra battery from a vehicle you might be leaving behind. Make sure you have a nationwide road map just in case you don’t get to end up where you had planned to. You may not be able to depend on a GPS for directions if for some reason there are no satellite signals.

Something you might consider doing if you have not already is having a trailer ball attached to your vehicle and investing in a small trailer. You might never use it otherwise, but if a crisis comes and you have to bug out, a trailer and the ability to haul it with your vehicle could make a huge difference in what you can take with you and what you can not. If you own a camper trailer, this will be an invaluable asset in the event you have to go camping for a while until things get straightened out and you can return home.

Prepare Everything Else Ahead Of Time

Even though it might be possible to gather all of your supplies at the last minute, it is certainly not advisable. A bug out plan needs to be well thought out and everything ready to go at a moment’s notice. It is all too easy to forget something vital like medications, car cell phone chargers, important documents or anything else that could be important to your personal survival, even if you are going to be camping somewhere safe temporarily.

Have everything ready to go into your vehicle for evacuation just in case you are lucky enough to get to leave that way. You should have family tents and sleeping bags ready, cooking utensils like pots and pans, etc. You might have a camping stove with fuel and a metal grill for an open fire. Pack extra warm clothes. In a vehicle you should be able to take larger containers of food and water. You’ll need tools to make car repairs. Duct tape, flashlights, batteries, an ax or hatchet are essential for traveling and camping out.

A well equipped first aid kit and extra medical supplies are extremely vital. Even an emergency kit with things like face masks and rubber gloves can be vital if the crisis is nuclear, terrorists, or other disaster where contamination might be an issue. Anything you can think of that can be easily taken with you in your car trunk or van, take it if you have no camper trailer.

Plenty of water. You must take gallons of water with you because depending on the circumstances, you might not have access to any along the way. Different disasters disrupt different things and water is essential to your survival in any event. You will need at least two different methods for water purification like purifying tablets and even a gravity water filter. They can literally save your life if you have to use contaminated water supplies to drink and cook with.

Non perishable foods are also a must. Any food you can take with you on a bug out trip is essential. You can take foods that will spoil as long as you eat those first before they go bad, keep them in a cooler on ice of possible. The last thing you want while camping out is for someone to get sick. Bugging out with a camper or even just a hook up trailer should enable you to take larger containers of food. Take along staples like rice and noodles which can be made into bigger meals when combined with a little vegetables or canned meats.

If you think there is a possibility that you won’t be able to return to your home, take as many of your possessions with you as possible that are logical to have and keep. If the situation gets desperate enough, some items could be good bargaining chips if your money runs out. Things like jewelry, gold coins, or other easily packed valuables can come in handy.

Protecting You Family

Traveling these days is dangerous enough without there being an extreme crisis going on. When a situation like a pandemic, hurricane, earthquake or nuclear attack is pending, people will absolutely panic, especially for those that have made no evacuation plans that includes emergency camping. The best thing you can do is to get your family somewhere that is safe and possibly secluded. A campground might be fine if you are able to take advantage of one, but also depending on the crisis, you might be better off camping away from others.