20 Essential Camping Safety Tips

The absolute safest thing to do when you go camping anywhere is to never forget your first aid kit. If you buy a ready-made kit, it still might not be enough. You must have a kit that comes with enough supplies for the number of people on your trip and that will last for the duration. In some cases, you might want to consider a small first aid kit for each camping member and a larger kit to include extra supplies. Below are some of the most important safety precautions to take on every camping trip!

1. Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked with a snake bite kit and that you have anĀ  instruction manual.

2, Extra supplies you might want to bring are hydrogen peroxide, alcohol,and bandages.

3. Don’t set your tents up under trees with any rotting branches.

4. Never set up camp in an area that could flood because of nearby water. Stay on high ground

5. Check for poison ivy or bee hives before you set up camp.

6. If you are in a campground or anywhere else, check the site for glass and other sharp things on the ground.

7. Always use extra precaution when you are chopping firewood or using a knife for any reason.

8. Always watch for snakes no matter where you are walking.

9. Anytime you are in a boat, canoe or kayak, always wear your life vest.

10. Don’t swim alone in strange water.

11. Don’t go off alone into woods that you are not familiar with. Stick to trails if possible.

12. Don’t attempt rock climbing unless you have the appropriate gear.

13. Always enclose your fire ring so it doesn’t get out of control.

14. Use extreme caution when lighting fuel operated lanterns and camp stoves.

15. Never pour flammable fuels on your fire.

16. Never try to feed wild animals or capture them.

17. Don’t leave food or food trash out in your camp.

18. Plan ahead and know where the nearest doctor or hospital is.

19. Find out where the nearest phone service is if you don’t have a working cell phone.

20. Bring signal flares in case you need them in a remote wilderness area.